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Instruction - defining an additional user

"Additional users"

This function allows additional user accounts to be defined and managed within the main account. This allows you to set individual order limits, specify unique delivery addresses and authorise the acceptance of orders. As a result, you gain full control and transparency in your team's purchasing process, which significantly increases operational efficiency.

Key information on the "Additional users" function

The user can create accounts for additional people within his/her main account.

The user of the main account will be able to set order limits for the associated accounts, which will control the number of orders placed by employees.

Individual delivery addresses: additional users will be able to set their own unique delivery addresses so that orders will be delivered to their designated addresses.

Possibility to accept orders: additional users will have the option to accept orders, which can be particularly useful if verification is required before an order is finalised.

With these features, the master account administrator will have better transparency and control over the orders placed by their employees.

Instructions for use:

  1. To add a new user to your company account, go to the "My Account" tab, which is located in the header section of the website.

    My account tab
  2. Then select "Manage" under the subsection "Additional users"

    Additional users section

    The option to add a new user can be found at the top right of the page.

    Add user option
  3. After entering this option, the following form is displayed, which must be filled in with the correct data. It further defines the new user's rights with regard to the ability to order and accept orders

    When adding a sub-account, we can also assign a unique address and give individual amount limits for orders.

    Add user form
  4. We confirm the data entered with the "Add user" button. The newly added account can be found in our panel. Here, we can edit the data of the additional user, including his/her rights.

    Sekcja Zarządzanie użytkownikami

    Additional information

    A welcome email will be sent to the email address provided when the account was created, allowing the new employee to log in to the shop website.

    After logging in, it is possible to set a password - go to edit your personal data. The company name and NIP (taxpayer identification number) from the main account will be assigned to the new account.

    To establish trade credit for a new account, please contact an account manager.

    To change your password on a newly created account, go to "My account" and the "Personal details" section. Then simply select "Change your password" and set a target password.

    Change password